Quatro sensor
Single sensor
Type Single Sensor LORA
Production code SS LORA
Distance Measureement Yes, Single ultrasonic beam, 30° angle
Minimum Distance 15cm
Maximum distance 255cm/high reflrctive commodities, 170cm/other commodities
Measurement calculation Multi measurement with weight approximation
Temperature measurement Yes, Microcontroller termostate
Overturn measurement Yes, Mechanical type
Weight batteries included 215g
Weight battery excluded 165g
Size(h/w/d) 50mm/120mm/54mm
Mounting options Screws/Clench/Rails
Power Supply Up to 7 years*
Batteries voltage and capacity 3.6V, 2600mAh
Battery Type Lithium-thionyl chloride-Li-SOCI2
Battery replaceable Yes, 2 batteries type LS14500 (2 x 20 grams)
Temperatures range -30°C to +70°C
Master device compatibility NA
Networks Supportes LORA
Device class Class A
Adaptive Data Rate Yes
Counter up start number 1 (resetable)
Downlink configuration Yes
Measurement times 6 Times a day
Bins supported All types of bins
Turn on mechanism Magnetic
Cover Recyclable, polymide with optical fibers
Casing IP67
Humidity Level 0-100
*battery duration depends on local temperature, type and position of the bin, master/slave role and frequency of the measurement